Ever AI empowers transportation and automotive companies to accurately ID passengers and workers in the autonomous age.



With the coming age of autonomous vehicles and systems, it is more important than ever for transportation companies and auto manufacturers to invest ahead of the curve.  Alongside other important technology investments, investments in passenger and worker identity are paramount to customer experience, safety, and security of goods in transport.

Ever AI provides transportation and automotive companies the tools to accurately ID passengers and workers, personalize customer experience, ease payment and improve safety across autonomous vehicle networks, and ensure proper drop-off and pick-up procedures for cargo.


  • Secure your global logistics networks
  • Strengthen audit trails for cargo
  • Personalize autonomous driving experiences

Use Cases

Ever AI for Autonomous Vehicles


Implement a passenger ID system for your autonomous vehicle networks, and provide personalized experiences for your passengers.

Ever AI for Logistical Waypoints


Automate the creation of auditable identity trails for your logistical supply chain, reducing risk for your shipments.

Ever AI for Cargo Manifests


Securely process and automate your cargo manifests with our face recognition technology, so you can always clear customs on time.

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