Ever AI helps you truly know your customers and engage them throughout their in-store experience.



Omni-channel retail customers increasingly expect personalization and ease in their shopping experiences across digital and physical stores. Ever AI gives you the tools to identify customers and serve them targeted promotions in your stores, ease their checkout experience, and understand customer demographic mix by day-part.

Add face recognition as an additional layer of customer identification, and detect gender, age, ethnicity, and emotion, to confidently build a complete picture of your customers.


  • Personalize in-store experiences
  • Increase payment transaction security
  • Understand day-part demographic mix
  • Understand customer emotional responses
  • Increase ROI of marketing promotions

Use Cases

Ever AI Demographics.png


Understand your customer demographic mix and promotional response by day-part. Customers in the early afternoon, for instance, may skew towards young stay-at-home parents. Ever AI helps you update your in-store promotions to match the customer.

Ever AI Personalization


Greet each customer with a real-time personalized welcome message and experience as soon as they walk in your store. "Welcome back, Jennifer! Here are your personalized offers today" is a personalized touch that will keep your customers coming back.

Ever AI Secure Transactions


Provide an extra layer of security with “pay by face” authentication, allowing your customers to securely authorize payments by taking a photo. Tie the transaction to your social media accounts to turn every sale into a marketing opportunity.

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