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Ever AI provides a wide variety of face recognition and attribute identification services, perfect for mixing with CRM data to personalize experiences.

Ever AI Product Offerings

FACE DETECTION                
Find human faces in your photos and videos and return bounding box coordinates.                                                                    

FACE CLUSTERING               Group similar faces together, based on thousands of facial data points.     

FACE VERIFICATION            Compare two faces and determine the probability they belong to the same person.

FACE IDENTIFICATION       Compare a singular face against a collection of labeled faces and return matches with confidence scores.

EMOTION DETECTION       Identify the emotional state of faces, such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, and more.

AGE DETECTION                   Estimate the age range of the person, based on their image.

GENDER DETECTION           Determine whether a person is male or female.

ETHNICITY DETECTION     Determine the probability that a face is of a particular ethnicity.