Leverage Ever AI's face recognition technology to provide your citizens and law enforcement personnel with the highest degree of protection from crime, violence, and injustice. 



Law enforcement agencies benefit from the accuracy of Ever AI’s algorithms in bodycam-based face identification, face search, and surveillance scenarios. We provide technologies that enable your workforce to identify subjects in question in real-time. As demonstrated in our benchmark numbers, we outperform other face recognition solutions, given the depth and breadth of our proprietary training data set from real-world consumer photos.


  • Preserve the highest level of security
  • Strengthen bodycam face identification
  • Identify people of interest in real-time
  • Conduct surveillance on live video feeds

Use Cases

Ever AI Police Body Cam


Enable your police workforce with bodycam-based face identification in real-time. Our industry-leading response times enable your workforce to identify subjects instantly when they need it most.

Ever AI Criminal Investigation


Leverage our face verification and face identification solutions to increase timeliness and speed of your time-sensitive criminal investigations.

Ever AI Surveillance


Use our Face-in-a-Crowd solution to identify people of interest from live video feeds, and match them against your own database to strengthen security initiatives.

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