Combine Ever AI's face recognition and object recognition solutions to provide personalized in-store experiences, unique to each customer.



The future of shopping requires speed and convenience. Customers expect a seamless in-store experience, with easy payment methods and personalized promotions for the products they love.

Ever AI combines its face recognition and object recognition technologies to provide stores with an integrated, online-to-offline solution that yields customer personalization and convenience. The result is faster shopping time, higher average order value, and better inventory management. Your customers will walk out of your store without waiting in line, saving time and improving customer satisfaction.


  • Personalize in-store experiences

  • Strengthen online-to-offline attribution

  • Increase security of payment transactions

  • Understand emotional response to promotions

  • Understand emotional response to new products

Use Cases

Ever AI Pay by Face


Save your customers time by enabling "pay-by-face" authentication, allowing your customers to walk out the door without taking out their wallets.

Ever AI Inventory Management.png


Manage and forecast your inventory mix, so you never run out of high-demand products. Integrate Ever AI and unlock real-time insights into the stock levels of every product.

Ever AI Object Recognition


Integrate our object recognition capabilities, and instantly identify which products your customers add to their shopping carts.

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