Government & Military

Ever AI's lightning fast and accurate face recognition technology improves your ability to identify and act on threats.



Highly accurate face recognition is paramount in matters of national security and surveillance. A 1% error rate can impact the lives of millions of citizens.

With Ever AI's face recognition technology, boasting industry-best accuracy, government and military agencies can improve outcomes for surveillance and bolster building security and access for classified areas. Whether you're looking for applications for a diverse or homogenous population, our models, trained on our consumer database of over 12 billion photos from over 95 countries, provides the accuracy required when it comes to issues of national security.


  • Enhance your surveillance capabilities
  • Bolster building security and access
  • Strengthen your cybersecurity initiatives
  • Maintain the highest degree of accuracy
  • Integrate custom solutions for your application

Use Cases

Ever AI Surveillance


Use our Face-in-a-Crowd solution to identify people of interest from live video feeds, and match them against your own database to strengthen security initiatives.

Ever AI Building Security


Increase building security with our biometric multi-factor authentication capabilities to ensure only people with appropriate security clearance can enter classified areas of the building.

Ever AI Global Presence


Expand your international reach with our country-specific models, trained on billions of unique faces around the world, so you can ensure the highest degree of accuracy is preserved.

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