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Consumers are increasingly moving to mobile banking options to manage finances, with 43% of mobile phone owners with a bank account using a mobile banking app as of 2015 (source: Forbes). Yet traditional financial institutions have been slow to adopt mobile banking solutions due to lack of reliable security and authentication methods on mobile devices.

With Ever AI, financial institutions can provide an additional layer of security by using face recognition to authenticate users. This allows you to strengthen biometric multi-factor authentication methods and further engage with customers across all personal devices and ATMs.


  • Reduce risk of fraudulent transactions
  • Strengthen trust with mobile customers
  • Increase security of mobile transactions

Use Cases

Ever AI Financial Authentication


Integrate face ID as another layer of payment authentication, so you can always ensure the highest level of payment security for your high-value customers.

Ever AI for Large Transactions


For large transaction amounts that exceed a certain threshold, require face ID as a method of payment authorization, increasing cryptographic strength and significantly reducing risk.

Ever AI Financial Personalization


Integrate our face attribute offerings (emotion, age, gender, ethnicity) to personalize product offerings to each individual customer. 

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